Los Dave at the Coastguard

‘Once There Were No Borders, No Boundaries, Only Horizons’

On May 19th the Coastguard welcomes Los Dave…

An exhibition of works, creating a series of intimate ambient spaces and utilising all three galleries within the Coastguard Studio.
Within these spaces Los Dave presents expressive, expansive landscapes that are as much about presence/absence as places for
narrative and poetic connections. LosDaves’ upcycled wire bird sculptures inhabit these spaces adding a constant presence, movement
and shifting dynamics.

The show includes a live mixed media performance using paint, video
and a live soundtrack to explore aspects of landscapes around
Portsmouth and our relationship with them.

Chaos Reunion 6th May

CHAOS are hosting their reunion at Coastguard Studio! Portsmouth’s legendary indie / alternative night returns to Southsea for a Saturday night party. THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT.

Superstar Dj’s: Bob Berridge, Sparky Freeman, Lil Mike Tut, Carl Lemon, will chuMp, Ben ‘Millsy’, Ped & Jay.

Playing classic alternative tracks and Chaso indie floor fillers. Predictable and badly mixed…. just like the old days.

Free Lollipops

(Almost at the pier…but not quite)